“Thanks to FSD's support, we provide a lifeline for the most vulnerable women and girls."

A teacher at Londo Mo Louti commmunity center in Bouar
FSD team in front of a vehicle

Central African Republic

Support to the peace process

In several strategic locations in the country, FSD teams are constructing and maintaining camps intended for the long-term deployment of peace forces.

Disarmament and reintegration of former combattants

The FSD participates in the pacification of the country by conducting rehabilitation training for the reintegration of former members of armed groups.

Economic development

As part of its activities to support the peace process, FSD works in direct collaboration with local businesses and tradespeople. This contributes to the creation of jobs and provides a boost to the local economy. Professional training is also offered to those interested.

Support to communities

FSD improves infrastructure, pipes and pumping facilities to provide people with safe drinking water. Local community development projects also include installation of solar power, street lighting and rehabilitation of schools.

Why Central African Republic ?

Scarred by decades of violence and political unrest, the Central African Republic fell back into civil war in early 2013. One in four Central Africans have left their homes and are displaced across the country. Poverty is endemic and the majority of the population has no access to essential services.

In 2019, a Peace Agreement was signed between the Central African state and the 14 main armed groups in the country. This agreement notably provides for the creation of special mixed security units, made up of elements of the Central African armed forces and of the different armed groups. The aim is to restore state authority across the country, which is still largely controlled by rebel groups today. This is an essential prerequisite for the return of the displaced and for the recovery of the country.

Women carrying material in front of a FSD vehicle
7 men (one on a ladder) working on the installation of streetlight
FSD teamleader Jean-Louis
FSD teamleader Jean-Louis

FSD in Central African Republic

Present in the country since 2014, when the country was in the midst of civil war, FSD first launched a small project to raise awareness on the dangers associated with handling weapons, ammunition or explosive remnants of war. The organisation was also involved in the humane reburial of bodies outside cemeteries and in armed violence reduction programs.

From 2015, FSD gradually focused its efforts on activities aimed at restoring state authority in the Central African provinces, as part of a European Union project. This includes assisting the organization and administration of the Central African defense ministry, but also supporting the deployment of new peace forces outside the capital Bangui.

A first step was taken with the rehabilitation of a camp in Bouar, in the north-west of the country. A permanent presence of the security forces in this city will make it possible to secure the region, creating conditions favorable to the return of displaced populations and the restarting of the local economy. Similar projects will be carried out in other key cities in the country.

At the same time, FSD is keen to take advantage of its presence in different regions of the country to carry out community support activities. Measures aimed at creating jobs, improving access to drinking water, and promoting the empowerment of women are notably planned.

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Central African Republic


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Central African Republic

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Central African Republic

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