Leaving a gift in your will

Working every day for a safer world without mines, gifts in wills directly improve the lives of people in unsure environments. Please consider leaving a legacy to support our important humanitarian work on the long run.

Leave a testament that will make a change

Leaving a gift in your will is one of the most meaningful ways you can help contributing to a mine-free future for all.

  • Big or small, gifts in wills have a huge impact on the lives of people in post-conflict environments.
  • Next to your loved ones, you might want to mention FSD in your will in order to support us in our efforts for a secure world for all.
  • Writing a will creates a feeling of relief and satisfaction since your legacy becomes a lasting tribute.
  • Your donation is exempt from inheritance tax: FSD is recognized as a public utility.

Together, we can assure a better life for people endangered by the daily risks related to landmines, unexploded ordnance and environmental pollution.

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How to mention FSD in your last will?

There are two ways you can assist FSD:

  • Estate: Your relatives are legally entitled to a part of your heritage. You are free to dispose of the remaining part, for example by granting a certain percentage of your estate to FSD as an heir.
  • Legacy: With a legacy, you give a specific amount of money or an object (e.g. a building) to FSD. In the case of a legacy, the portion reserved for your relatives is protected.
  • In the case of both the will and the legacy, every gift will directly support those people affected by armed conflict and reduce their risk of being exposed to deadly landmines and other security risks.  
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Do you have any additional question or do you want to support a specific project of FSD? I am happy to get in touch with you and discuss all options during a personal conversation.

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Hansjörg Eberle

Director of FSD

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