Three children laugh above a landmine

On the ground, the war is over.

Beneath the surface, the danger remains.

Help us eliminate landmines and unexploded ordnance đź’™
20 CHF = 20 m² of land cleared

FSD is a humanitarian organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland

Our experts have been working to locate and destroy landmines and other dangerous remnants of war around the world since 1997. Our teams, more than 90% of which are locally trained staff, are currently active in 8 countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq and Ukraine. Learn more about our programmes.

why support fsd?

Mine clearance is dangerous, time-consuming and requires significant technical expertise. It is estimated that each year of war can involve up to ten years of demining to clear the land of mines and explosive remnants of war. By supporting our work, you are helping to rebuild a safer world for people whose lives have been disrupted by armed conflict. FSD also supports ongoing peace processes and is active in the field of environmental remediation. Read more about our impact.

How can I be sure that my donation will have an impact?

FSD has strict rules for resource management to ensure that every franc received is used in the most efficient manner, with a maximum of 7% of your donation used for administrative purposes. The organisation is certified by the Swiss quality label ZEWO. In order to guarantee full financial transparency, the organisation's complete and audited annual accounts are published each year in our annual report. Your online donation will be processed via the DonorBox system, a secure payment processing platform for non-profit organisations.

To donate via bank transfer:
Recipient: Fondation suisse de déminage (FSD)
Bank Account: Crédit Suisse, Geneva
IBAN: CH70 0483 5081 8341 7100 0
Swift Code: CRESCHZZ80A
Your donation to FSD is tax-deductible in Switzerland.